Because Guys Need Support, Too

A Helping HandIf you’re like me, there are times where you need someone to talk with who isn’t your spouse, your parent, your buddy, your therapist or your pastor. It’s great to have a resource where people aren’t going to judge you, but instead can understand and even empathize with your situation, as they probably have had similar experiences.

The most difficult part is that there are few resources like this for guys. Too often we keep things inside, where they can fester and cause damage if not expressed and acknowledged. Many of us don’t feel like we can have serious, even heartfelt, conversations with our friends because we fear they may look at us differently. Men can be wired differently than women in that way, as they have a much easier time sharing their feelings with each other.

We don’t just need an outlet, we also need support. It is highly therapeutic to be able to share thoughts and ideas and have discussions about topics that are important to us. Sometimes we have problems, and having this kind of support can help us cope with them better, because internalizing them can have a negative impact.

This is the basis for our choosing to publish this site – because guys need support, too. Join in discussions, share and submit content for inclusion, ask questions, get support. You deserve it.

We would also like to hear about other resources out there, so feel free to share links that are helpful, supportive and positive. We have listed some national resources, but there must be more out there that aren’t focused on custody, child support and other legal issues. How about some for dads who are happily married, religious or non-religious, etc?

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