Thank You, Veterans

Veterans DayFacebook and other social media outlets are full of memes these days, which are pictures of people and situations that usually have funny or political captions of some type. The other day I saw one that a friend of mine shared that had a picture of soldiers on a battle field, and it said, “So you think YOU have it rough?”

It got me thinking, that if you shrug off the potentiality of people trying to use it to judge or berate others, the underlying truth of it speaks volumes. We do often think our First World problems are so terrible, when we either forget that there are plenty of people who have it far worse in other countries, and especially that brave men and women throughout history defended our country and fought for the freedoms we now take for granted.

On this Veterans Day, it’s refreshing to see so many people taking time out of their day to thank those who have served or are currently serving our country in the Armed Forces. It’s great to see people being thankful and understanding of the sacrifice that so many have made for us, so that I can be typing this and that you can be reading it, safely and comfortably.

I had an opportunity to join the military with a pick of any specialty I wanted to pursue, at least that’s what the recruiters kept telling me. There were times in my life where I wish I would have done that, but frankly, I was too afraid at the time of the discipline, and was too selfish.

I have tremendous respect for all of the men and women who have helped protect our great nation and the wonderful people who live here. I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to my brother, grandfathers, father-in-law, uncles, friends and acquaintances who have served or are serving, for their dedication to our freedom and their selfless acts of courage. May God bless you and your families.

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