Yes, Life is Hard

difficultyAs good as most of us have it, it is inevitable for life to sometimes kick you in the balls. Both of them. Real hard. It is a reminder to keep us in check so that we can maintain our humanity. After all, everyone experiences some form of hardship or adversity. Some certainly have to deal with more than their fair share, but there is also a sense of perspective that goes along with it.

If we didn’t have lows, how would we know what the highs are like? If we didn’t have defeat, how could we know the triumphant feeling of victory? If we didn’t have death, how could we fully understand the gift that is life?

Life is hard. Living is full of experiences, both good and bad, and they’re all for learning and growing and part of being human. Difficult situations, even tragedies, sometimes deliver to us the most valuable lessons about living and loving that we have the opportunity learn.

After being through several difficult times myself, and now going through new kinds of heartbreaking and stressful situations, I have found a way to be even more grateful for what I do have and the people who are in my life now, or who will be in the future. These difficult times still suck, but I also see myself getting wiser and more tolerant with the experiences (as well as a few more gray hairs).

It is also a way for me to understand that unless you have been in someone else’s exact situation, and even if you have been, it is much better to offer empathetic support than pass any form of judgment. Whether you believe these sort of things are part of God’s plan, some natural flow of the Universe or have some other belief system, it can be humbling to think about how both insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things as well as how we can have a profound impact on the lives of the people we come in contact with every day.

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